{ data engineer || plebian miner } + { occasional writer || former posadist }


  • Chris Ortolano

    Chris Ortolano

    Building bridges from #sales to #customersuccess | Understand requirements to meet desired outcomes | Sales Productivity Partner @Tenbound

  • Bruce Brown

    Bruce Brown

    #GlobalWarming #CleanEnergy #NoNukes #LegalCorruption #MoneyInPolitics #MoveToAmend #PoliticalRevolution #GOTV #DemocraticSocialism #TrickleDown

  • Jane Fleming Kleeb

    Jane Fleming Kleeb

    NE Dem Party Chair, Founder @boldnebraska, President @Bold_Alliance, Board Member #OurRevolution, pipeline fighter, mom of 3, hubby @scottkleeb #NoEminentDomain

  • Alexander Verbeek

    Alexander Verbeek

    Editor of The Planet | Public Speaker | Photographer | Yale World Fellow | TEDx | Climate Change | Wildlife | Art | Energy-Water-Food | Sustainability

  • Free (R) women

    Free (R) women

    No comment. (means sorry I can't talk until I get my script) But I'm a loyal GOP girl, that I CAN say. PS (No, not seriously!)

  • Amanda *$

    Amanda *$

    Clean energy, clean finance & free-form radio fan. Birdnerd. Views are not necessarily those of Rainforest Action Network

  • Air Alliance Houston

    Air Alliance Houston

    Clean air so our economy, quality of life, and children can thrive.

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