Bitcoin is Absurd, Part I: Volcano Mining and the Banana Republic

An ongoing series exploring a sovereign future, the politics of bitcoin, and the absurdity thereof

This is the opening shot of a Bitcoin Revolution. Or, that’s at least how the revolutionaries see it.

The highest form of absurdity: Cult of the Supreme Being at the peak of the Reign of Terror, Thermidor Year 2

20th-century ideology has grown stale and discredited with nothing to offer the world.

President Bukele disrupting the global financial system with a prominently displayed painting of martyred Catholic Saint Óscar Romero behind him.

If bitcoin is hope it needs to prove it in the developing world, not on Wall Street.

Social Media IRL: Tahrir Square during the Fall of the Mubarak Regime

El Salvador chose to embrace the Bitcoin whirlwind. And others will follow.

Albert Camus: Embracing the Absurd





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